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25 March 2024
Chris-Craft celebrates 150 years of making luxury boats

Chris-Craft began when its founder, Christopher Columbus Smith, built his first wooden boat in 1874, aged just 13. As time went on, more requests came for him to build canoes and rowboats in Algonac, Michigan, USA. Eventually, Christopher had the idea to put an internal combustion engine onto a skiff, beginning a legacy that has lasted over a century.

Even back then, Chris-Craft was known for its quality and performance. The company began to build boats for wealthy business owners, with powerboats quickly becoming their specialty.

What celebrities owned a Chris-Craft boat?

As they became synonymous with quality and leisure, Chris-Craft became the boat that some of America’s most beloved celebrities and legends owned. Presidents such as Franklin Roosevelt and John F Kennedy were often seen on a Chris-Craft, as well as titans of industry such as Henry Ford. But icons of popular culture also counted themselves as fans of and owners of a Chris-Craft, including Frank Sinatra, Katherine Hepburn, Dean Martin and even Elvis Presley.

How did Chris-Craft become so popular?

As time went on, Chris-Craft boomed in the 1950s, as the rising middle class of America found their boats to be the pinnacle of pleasure boating. The deep-V hull made for excellent performance, and the gorgeous mahogany and polished chrome displayed a boat that was easy on the eye, as well as the water.

As time went on, the wooden hull changed to fibreglass, the designs became more efficient, yet still retained that classic appeal. Boat owners looking to enjoy time on a lake or off the coast knew that only one name guaranteed excellent comfort and performance: Chris-Craft.

Chris-Craft Boats in 2024

Which brings us to now. Chris-Craft are still making the finest in luxury power boats on the market today, and have expanded well beyond the lakes of America. Argo Yachting are the official dealers for Chris-Craft in the UK and Balearics, with owners from Southampton to Ibiza enjoying time on the water, in true American luxury.

Nowadays, each Chris-Craft boat comes equipped with the latest in marine technology, including navigation systems, high-end audio, stabilisers and even cabins below deck to relax after a day on the water.

We currently have a range of new Chris-Craft boats available now, and are also trusted brokers of preowned Chris-Craft as well.

Join us in celebrating 150 years of boating excellence and, who knows, maybe you will be behind the helm yourself, very soon.