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 If you’ve been tempted by glossy brochures and international boat shows and are new to the fun and exciting world of boating, then Argo Yachting is here to guide you on your journey. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a returning sailor, there is nothing that compares to the sheer blissful freedom of the endless blue seas.

This section of our website is all about boating for beginners, and what you need to know before acquiring your new purchase. We are here to help steer you in the right direction, wherever your journey takes you.

When you’re ready, you can contact our team to discuss your options. 


There are many types of boats that are borne from a practical need, purpose-built for short trips, extended trips, racing, water sports, fishing etc. There are also boats designed to suit multiple uses; a trend adopted by many of today’s manufacturers. What boat will be best for you therefore depends on the activities you will partake in, and where you will likely sail. You may face decisions based on performance such as a trawler (generally built for long distance journeying) or a cruiser (more suited for speed). Depending on your level of interest in water sports, there are boats to suit all budgets, from smaller day boats to larger motor yachts. And in terms of style preference, there are flybridge or sports coupe models with a hard top and some that include both. The choices are endless, so if you’re owning a boat for the first time, we are here to help you choose the right one.

Of course, your first boat may be dictated by how much sailing experience you have. Manoeuvrability in tight spaces is likely to be a deciding factor for the novice sailor, as well as ease of cruising and handling when at sea. A popular choice for first-time boat buyers are smaller-sized yachts up to around 45ft, allowing for easy handling and agility. However, larger sized boats can deliver the space, luxury and handling you need as well. The best place to start when looking for your first boat is a boat show – here you can compare like-for-like and really get a feel of the space you have on board. You can also search listings online, and below you can search our current brokerage listings, featuring boats of all types suitable for beginners.

If you seek a more reliably warmer climate, then the Mediterranean may be the place for you. There are long summer days, turquoise waters and destinations enriched in historic culture to look forward to. With mainland destinations as well as the stunning Balearic Islands to explore, the Mediterranean is a boater’s paradise. In Mallorca there are many five-star marinas including Puerto Portals and Port Adriano, with exquisite restaurants, cafes and boutique shops to while away your time. Boating comes easy here too, with neighbouring islands and hidden bays just a stones throw away. Where you choose to keep your boat has to be right for you and your family. And for beginners, we have a wide network of offices and service centres in the UK and Mallorca with experienced teams ready to help.

Choosing the perfect base for your boat is dependent on a number of factors – firstly, where do you want to cruise to and what is important to you when it comes to marina facilities and access. The South Coast of the UK, in particular the Hamble River, Lymington and the Isle of Wight, has a wealth of marinas to choose from. Each boasts on-site restaurants, berth holders facilities, excellent mooring and berthing options and are within easy access to the rest of the UK should you live further inland. From the South Coast, you’re able to easily reach other points along the UK coastline as well as the Channel Islands and Northern France. The South West and Cornwall is another token place to keep your boat – a hidden gem considered to be the English Riviera. Cruising here gives you access to beautiful destinations along this Jurassic coastline including Salcombe, Dartmouth and beyond.

Are you near an Argo Yachting location? For those live in or near Southampton, Plymouth, Palma, Ibiza or Neustadt-in-Holstein, we can help train you up on how to operate your vessel and point you in the right direction of instructors who will ensure you will be able to operate your yacht safely and qualified.

Wherever you are in the boat buying journey or if you’re wondering about boating for beginners, Argo Yachting has the expertise to help you make the best decision.  As sister to the Princess Motor Yacht Sales company, we leverage over 50 years’ experience in yacht brokerage, sales and highly esteemed aftercare covering bespoke servicing and routine maintenance. Another key benefit is our extensive network across the UK and Europe, offering a broad selection of high-quality new and used yachts, some of which may not be available yet on the open market. With each yacht valeted and multi-point checked before sale you’re ready to get sailing right away.