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The Argo Yachting brokerage team are pleased to present pre-owned Beneteau yachts for sale, discover below the range of yachts available and the brand.

Built on a tradition of continuing to find new solutions for every market it has entered, from fishing to luxury sailing – Beneteau is still a pioneering innovator to this day… 130 years on.

Whether you’re embarking on fishing trips, day trips, sports cruising or long cruising voyages, the brand’s forty motorised yachts help to power you smoothly ahead. For the sailors among us, Beneteau boasts innovative new sailing yacht models since 1965, with an ethos of making dreams accessible. The yachts in the sailing line-up comprise the First, Oceanis, Figaro, Classic Sailing Yachts ranges.

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Sailing Yachts

The First range brings together a passion for both racing and cruising. Sleek dynamic hulls, welcoming modern interiors and cutting-edge technology-equipped cockpits, First models are designed for fun days sailing, regattas and coastal adventures.

Beneteau’s Oceanis offers superb hull stability and manoeuvrability, open deck layouts plus customisable interiors for remarkable cruising experiences.

Designed with enhanced performance in mind, the latest incarnation of the pioneering Figaro range is the Beneteau 3. Benefitting from inward-facing foils and a slim-line and deep hull.

The range of Classic Sailing Yachts cover this boatyard’s production from 1965 to the present day.  The range takes in yachts that have adapted with the times, the first cruising range (Evasion), affordable Cyclades, sporty First models and sixty-foot luxurious Oceanis.



Motor Yachts

The elegant compact Flyer day boat is a revelation in ingenious space-saving design and technology.

Ideal for family mini cruises, the flared hulled Antares fleet of outboard cruisers is a safe reliable performer at sea and offers comfortable spacious interiors.

For sheer sportiness the four streamlined Grand Turismo models have onboard the latest technology and premium comfort interiors for added luxury.

Meanwhile you can depend reliability of Beneteau’s trawlers. Built for enduring long ocean-bound voyages, there’s the Swift and for a dash of luxury the Grand series.

Taking the high quality of crafted furnishings and fittings is Beneteau’s superlative Monte Carlo series. Brainchild of world-famous architects and designers the Monte Carlo is bright, spacious and distinctively modern with a slender profile.

Serving as the mainstay of the business, Heritage Powerboats, represents the classic styles of the brand. Each one offers enduring performance and charming timeless appeal – from the first generation in the 70s to today’s latest line-up.