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We are delighted to showcase our latest collection of brand new Chris-Craft boats, all masterpieces in sheer, unadulterated quality, classic design and fine craftsmanship. If you’re based in the beautiful Balearics, are thinking about buying a stunning new boat, and want to gain a better understanding of our desirable range, this collection is for you.

Chris-Craft boats are legendary for their lovely, smooth, vintage-inspired style. They’re graceful, timeless and elegant, clean-lined and pleasingly powerful. No wonder they’re instantly recognisable, and no wonder so many people have total confidence in our brand.

We exceed people’s expectations on a daily basis. All our boats are tailored to meet the specific requirements of our customers, and we insist on the very highest standards in luxury and performance at every stage. The results are quite remarkable. We are proud to present our latest and greatest collection of new boats.

The super-stylish Launch 23

Lavish craftsmanship sits at the heart of this wonderful craft, a seriously stylish bowrider whose first love is water sports. It delivers plenty of forward space and the main deck area is as practical as it is a joy to relax on. Add a host of classic Chris-Craft touches and she’ll work her way deep into your heart in a nanosecond. How can you resist?

The glorious Launch 27

You want comfort? You’ve got it, You demand high performance? No problem. The Launch 27 is a glittering jewel in our launch crown, a gorgeous boat that effortlessly combines sheer comfort with brilliant performance. If you want a boat with real power, with astonishing agility, with a longer hull and wider beam, this is your perfect choice.

The Launch 30, family adventures

You want a good-looking, versatile craft to enjoy with your family, a runabout with a difference. Here you are, the Launch 30, created with you in mind. She features a generous sized and wonderfully comfortable forward seating area and you have plenty of choice as regards fun optional extras like a cockpit galley, twin engines and cool joystick control. It’s an absolute dream of a boat.

The speedy, handsome Launch 34

You want a bowrider for recreational use, complete with seating at the front. But you also want to be able to sleep in your boat, and do it all in luxury. Our Launch 34 model delivers the ultimate in luxury as well as a truly versatile interior, sleek outline and eminently practical configuration. Add them together and you get a craft that’s perfect for long voyages and more than capable of big adventures.

The lovely Launch 38, ideal for family days out

A handsome day boat, the Launch 38 is designed with family fun in mind. There’s a wide choice of cool extras to make your craft unique. The toys you can add to this already-luxurious and beautifully appointed boat provide endless opportunities to tailor the craft to your exact needs, including bow thrusters, LED docking lights, a gray water system and even fresh water cooling technology.

The heritage-inspired Capri 21

We have packed every bit of expertise we possess into this marvellous boat, and we think it shows. It’s a particularly attractive and stylish vertical bow model that showcases everything we do best in one stunning ocean-going craft. A high end finish delivers the ultimate in luxury, and there’s a host of optional extras and accessories to choose from, a creative and fun way to make your Capri 21 unique.

The remarkable Capri 27

If you’ve ever marvelled at our classic sloped tumblehome design, you’re not alone. A hugely popular member of our vertical bow family, this supreme craft is inspired by the original Chris-Craft designs of times past, a homage to a golden age of boating. Think 1930s Art Deco, think F Scott Fitzgerald, think The Great Gatsby, and you get the picture. What an awe-inspiring boat.

The classic deep V hulled Carina 21

Another magical craft in our vertical bow model collection, the Carina 21 exemplifies the classical styling we still apply to all of our craft. Step on board and you feel like you’re in a James Bond movie. The deep V hull and flared bow deliver a good-looking silhouette, it features a brilliant hidden bimini top, and the high end fit and finish is about as good as it gets.

The impressive Catalina 26

If you’re looking for a mid-sized centre console boat, you’ll find the Catalina 26 completely impossible to resist. She’s impressive. She’s jam packed with desirable features, all specified with serious boat owners in mind. And she’s rich in luxury while remaining perfectly practical. If you like to entertain on a large scale, this is your perfect choice.

The exceptional Catalina 30

The Catalina 30 is a supreme craft. No wonder she’s billed as delivering a full 360 degrees of sheer perfection. She’s the ultimate in quality, the very essence of comfort, and the stylish Pilothouse design protects you from the elements without masking the beautiful oceans-capes as you speed ahead. With unobstructed views in every direction, and a boat that makes moving around the deck particularly easy, she’s perfect for parties. With has space for twelve on board, there’s a smart, luxuriously appointed room for everyone.

The flagship Catalina 34

This gorgeous craft sits at the pinnacle of our popular Catalina family, a craft designed to accommodate a group of people plus all the kit you could possibly need for a great day out on the water. Treat your family, treat your friends, and do it all in the ultimate comfort and style. Beautifully appointed, fast, impressive and a great choice for those with on-water alfresco entertainment in mind.

The brilliant Calypso 30

You’ll find the Calypso 30 at that very special place where design and comfort meet. Combining the great Chris Craft looks you expect with state-of-the-art technology makes this boat ideal for water sports, fishing and cruising. The classical open bow seating and comfortable open cockpit make it an intelligent choice for on-board entertainment, a fabulous way to enjoy the best the beautiful blue ocean has to offer.

The sleek, dual-purpose Calypso 26

We’re so proud of the Calypso 26, our first dual console boat. And what a beauty she is, appointed to perfection by world-class craftsmen and tailor-made for enjoyment. This is an excellent family craft, loved by lively people who like nothing more than the thrill of water sports but also adore taking things easier.

The hugely popular Corsair range

The Chris Craft Corsair range is made up of a number of particularly sleek, sophisticated sports boats with closed bows, available from 27 to 34 feet long. She features truly elegant lines and offers a host of luxurious touches, setting the gold standard for outstanding looks and performance.

The Corsair 27 balances a handsome profile and great performance to perfection as she glides across the water. The latest iteration of the Corsair 30 is longer and leaner than ever, complete with new features and extra versatility, a wide beam and bigger interior. And the stunning Corsair 34 takes the range to new heights of desirability thanks to its stability, agility, easy manoeuvrability and fast acceleration, easily carrying 12 people in style.

Explore our range of fantastic new Chris-Craft boats

If you’d like to check out the specifications for any of our new Chris-Craft models, click on the links. If you’d like to discuss your needs with a member of our highly professional team, get in touch. We’ll be absolutely thrilled to discuss the options with you.

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