Tailored to your individual needs.

With our wealth of experience we understand that offering the right insurance to our clients is about more than just comparing premium and cover, it is also about placing your business with a company that appreciates the differing needs of boat owners.

Brokerbility Insurance Brokers have arranged an exclusive policy with the UK’s leading yacht and motorboat insurer, Navigators & General, to provide a yacht policy which is tailored, specifically for the needs of Chris Craft owners.

For a detailed summary and personalised quotation, please contact:

Richard Davies, Cert CII – Corporate Director

Direct: (01604) 258713 Mobile: (07447) 416981

Email: rdavies@brokerbility.co.uk

Lee Gebhard, Cert CII – Marine Broker

Direct: (01604) 258725 Email: lgebhard@brokerbility.co.uk

Main: (01604) 630003 Fax: (01604) 231556

Web: http://www.brokerbility.co.uk


The policy provides a number of exclusive features to include:

• 12-months cover for the price of 11-months in the first year

• A premium rebate when renewing your policy every year*

• £5,000,000 Third Party Indemnity

• Replacement Vessel Cover

• Skipper Charter Cover

• Concierge Service

• Personal Effects & Valuables

* For Vessels over £500,000, a 5% premium rebate will be payable to you when your policy is renewed, providing claims (paid and outstanding) do not exceed 15% of the premium paid during the previous 12 months. For Vessels under £500,000 insurers can offer a no claims discount.