We supply a wide range of lighting here at our facility in Plymouth, UK. We maintain an excellent stock level and always make sure items are available to customers.  We supply and source any other items not listed in the range. If you are not sure what item you need please feel free to contact us.

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    Deck Light LED


    E6 Series Replacement light cartridges


    Explore E2 LED replacement light cartridge


    Explore E2 XFM LED light


    Explore XFM E3 LED Light


    Hella NaviLED Pro - PORTSIDE RED - Hella NaviLED Pro - PORTSIDE RED - 959 900-217


    Hella NaviLED Pro - STARBOARD SIDE GREEN - 959 908-217


    Hella NaviLED Pro - STEAM LIGHT - 959 940-217


    Lumishore DMX cable


    Lumishore ECLIPSE SMX53 - Blue and White


    Lumishore EOS SMX154